Boo is the perfect Halloween prank app!

Scare your friends, parents, co-workers and everyone you know with Boo.
The sounds are:

– AK-47
– Applause
– Bee
– Chicken
– Cow
– Crying baby
– Crying baby 2
– Dog growling
– Dog barking
– Door squeak
– Drill
– Duck
– Fart
– Laugh
– Scream
– Six Shots
– Zombie

If you want new sounds, let us know!

Easy to use

Simply choose your scary sound, set the timer and hide your iPhone somewhere near your victim, then enjoy the joke!

Upcoming Features

For our initial release we’re offering only 17 sounds.
We’ve got big plans for Boo though, and you’ll continue to receive future updates with more sounds.

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