Photo Sales

Photo Sales: Microstock stats for iPhone

Photo Sales is a simple and useful app to monitor your earnings from:

– iStockphoto (free)
– Dreamstime (free)
– Fotolia (free)
– Pixmac (free)
– Depositphotos
– 123rf
– CanStockPhoto
– Shutterstock
– Bigstockphoto
– Crestock
– Yaymicro

Get started by entering your credentials then see your microstock income.

Easy to use

Just tap the agency name to get a recent balance increase overview.

Upcoming Features

– Support for more agencies
– Improving the application’s speed
– Remote data backup

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Can you disable the captcha?

No. The captcha is required by an external server (Shutterstock), it is not our choice to use this annoying thing.

The app is not asking for the captcha anymore, is this right?

Yes! When you insert the captcha Photo Sales will store it value, so the captcha will be valid for a few weeks. When the captcha expires the app will ask you to insert it again.

I’m from *** but have a feeling that the currency shown is USD, am I correct?

All the currency are in USD (except for Fotolia which uses credits). Dealing with the exchange rates it’s always a problem. The majority of stock agencies uses USD for the same reason.

What are the features of the pro version?

  • Advanced interface
  • Daily gains visible on the main screen and in the log
  • Monthly gains on the main screen and the expected gain for the month
  • Charts for monthly earnings and daily gains
  • A new totals panel with comparison between each agency and a pie chart


What happens to my credentials?

We take privacy and security seriously. Your login and password are encrypted and stored only on your device. No personal data passes through our servers.

Phosto Sales fetches data directly from your provider by loading web pages on your device, exactly like the boring stuff you can do using Safari. Your earnings and other infos are used only for displaying your stats within the app itself.

Phosto Sales use secure connections (SSL/HTTPS) for all the agencies that support it (almost all agencies use encryption).


How to Kill iPhone Apps

Just like on desktop computers, iPhone programs can sometimes crash and lock up your system. These crashes are much rarer on iPhone and other iOS devices than on computers, but when they do show up, it’s important to know how to kill the app that’s having a problem.

It’s worth noting that there is a popular belief that apps or processes running in the background can drain battery life even when they’re not being used. That’s been proven to be incorrect, so kill your apps only when needed.

These techniques apply to all devices that run the iOS: the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Kill the App

In iOS 4 or higher, it’s easy to kill apps by taking advantage of the built-in Fast App Switcher.

To access this, double click the home button to reveal the row of apps below the dock

  • Slide the apps from side to side to find the one you want to quit
  • When you find it, tap and hold the app until a red badge with a line through it appears. The apps will also wiggle like they do when you’re rearranging them
  • When the red badge appears, tap it to kill the app and any background processes it might be running
  • When you have all the apps you want, click the home button again to return to using your iPhone.
How to kill an app

How to kill an app